Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bad Kitty Gets a Bath (Book)

Author: Nick Bruel. Release date: 2008. Publisher: Square Fish. ISBN: 9780312581381.

Plot summary:
This illustrated novel tells the story of Bad Kitty and her
bathing experiences. The primary purpose of the story is to instruct the reader on the proper methods of bathing a cat, Bad Kitty being the example “specimen.” Chapters include the various steps of the bathing process, from preparing the bath, locating kitty, getting kitty into the water, and after the bath. Information is also given on feline anatomy and behavior: why cats lick themselves, the science behind a hairball and exactly why cats hate water. Bad Kitty is shown in various stages of the bath process, along with her “friend” Puppy. The conclusion of the novel contains an interview with author Nick Bruel about his life and career.
Review: Bad Kitty Gets a Bath is one of several books in the Nick Bruel’s Bad Kitty chapter book series and is a hilarious and fun but educational story about everyone’s favorite naughty feline. Cat-lovers of all ages will enjoy and identify with the dreaded cat bath experience described in the book. Bruel’s illustrations perfectly compliment the text, showing exactly how bad Bad Kitty is. The story’s ironic and clever humor will hold a definite appeal for tweens. Hidden within the book are science facts about feline anatomy and behavior, adding some substance to the otherwise light-hearted tale. The interview with Bruel at the story’s conclusion is also perfect for tween readers who might have an interest in creating a Bad Kitty tale of their own. Overall, this story is a hilarious must-read for tween cat lovers.
Genre: Fiction/ Humor
Reading level: Grades 3-5
Similar titles: Other Bad Kitty stories
Personal thoughts: This is one of the most hilarious books for children I have read in a long time. As a cat owner, I can completely identify with the experience of bathing Bad Kitty. Nick Bruel’s illustrations are laugh-out-loud funny. This chapter book would be fun to read aloud to a classroom or group of tweens.
Themes: None
Awards/Reviews: Positive reviews from School Library Journal and Booklist.
Series Information: Part of Nick Bruel’s Bad Kitty series of picture and chapter books.
Character information:
Bad Kitty – A naughty but funny cat who is the primary subject of the story.
Puppy – A goofy but lovable “friend” of Bad Kitty.
Annotation: Learn how to accomplish the most dangerous duty of a cat ownership: the dreaded bath!

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