Monday, June 13, 2011

Sports Illustrated Kids (Magazine)

Published since 1989. Published by Time Warner.
Description: This version of the popular sports magazine began being published for a younger audience in 1989. The magazine features interviews with famous athletes, comics, other information about sports.
Review:  Sports Illustrated Kids is an ideal magazine for tweens, especially boys, who are interested in sports or athletics. The magazine often includes interviews conducted by other tweens of famous athletes, which readers are sure to enjoy. The funny photos of athletes with clever captions are also very entertaining. Overall, and excellent publication for tweens.
Genre: Magazine
Interest level: Grades 4-8
Similar titles: N/A
Personal thoughts: Although I am not a sports enthusiast, I do like this magazine quite a bit, especially for its appeal to tween boys. I think it is very clever and amusing and covers a lot of topics that readers are sure to enjoy. For latchkey tweens who come into the library after school, I often recommend picking up a copy of this magazine for browsing until their parents pick them up.   
Themes:  Sports, athletics, interviews.
Awards/Reviews:   Published since 1989.
Series Information: N/A
Character information: N/A
Annotation:   Do you like sports? Want to learn more about your favorite athletes? Then this is the magazine for you!

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