Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Girls’ Life (Magazine)

Published since 1994. Published by Girls’ Life Acquisition Co.
Emma Watson - Girls' Life Magazine [United States] (August 2007)Description: Since it was first published in 1994, Girls’ Life has focused on issues facing real-life tweens, like school, self-esteem, and peer pressure. Also included in the monthly publication are fashion tips, advice, quizzes, horoscopes, and games. The magazine often features celebrities on the cover, along with information and interviews about their lives.
Review:  Girls’ Life is an ideal magazine for older tween girls who are just on the cusp of wanting to pick up teen magazines like Seventeen or Cosmo Girl. The topics featured in the magazine are more mature than children’s magazines, and include a lot more celebrity gossip and advice about the opposite sex. According to the magazine’s website, the publication prides itself on guiding tween girls without making them grow up too fast. This is accomplished well and the magazine is very age appropriate as well as entertaining. Tween girls will undoubtedly want to read through each issue, especially those featuring celebrities they admire.
Genre: Magazine
Interest level: Grades 5-9
Similar titles: American Girl Magazine
Personal thoughts: This was not a title I read as a tween, but I have often looked through issues that have come through my library. I am always impressed with how the magazine covers important topics but in an age appropriate manner. Although I do prefer American Girl magazine for tweens, I think Girls’ Life is another really good publication as well.  
Themes:  Celebrities, advice, fashion, real-life issues.   
Awards/Reviews:   Published for 17 years. Recipient of many Parents’ Choice Gold Awards and the Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media Awards. Official magazine for Girl Scouts of the USA. Official book for Take Our Daughters to Work Day.
Series Information: N/A
Character information: N/A
Annotation:   Want to learn about fashion, celebs, boys, and real-life issues facing girls just like you at the same time? Girls’ Life magazine features advice columns, horoscopes and fun quizzes that are sure to entertain you.  

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