Tuesday, May 10, 2011

American Girl (Magazine)

Published since 1992. Published by American Girl, LLC.
Description: Published by the same company responsible for the American Girl dolls and fiction series, American Girl magazine is issued bimonthly and contains a variety of regular articles and special features for the modern American girl age 8 and up. Regular features include advice columns, including “Help!” and “Heart to Heart.” In addition to these columns, the magazine features fiction stories, games, and ideas for parties or crafts.
Review:  Published for almost twenty years, American Girl magazine has been a breath of fresh air in the world of magazines available for tweens. Too old for children’s magazines and too young for teen publications, American Girl is completely age appropriate for tween girls who aren’t quite ready to dive into the world of fashion, make-up, and celebrity gossip. Much of the fiction included in the magazine is actually quite well-written and interesting. The advice given is sound and appropriate for tweens. Overall, this magazine has been serving its target audience very well for almost two decades, and has the readership to prove it.
Genre: Magazine
Interest level: Grades 3-6
Similar titles: Girl’s Life Magazine
Personal thoughts: I used to read this as a tween and it still puts a smile on my face every time I see an issue pass through my library. It is a very wholesome but interesting and completely age appropriate publication. I am often impressed by the caliber of the fiction included in the magazine. I hope that this magazine continues to be published for years to come.
Themes:  Self-confidence, advice, creativity.  
Awards/Reviews:   Published for almost twenty years to over 500,000 readers.  
Series Information: N/A
Character information: N/A
Annotation:   Read the magazine that has been enjoyed by girls for almost twenty years! Included in this bimonthly publication is advice, craft ideas, party planning, and interesting fiction stories.

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